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Wrightway are one of the few Auckland & Christchurch construction companies, trusted for earthquake, fire, wind and flood remediation. We renovate houses to surpass to their former glory, and we also construct spectacular new-build homes that Kiwis can rely on regardless of what mother nature throws at us. If you're facing challenging and frustrating times handling insurance matters, pick up the phone, we make life a lot easier.

Specialist in New Zealand Earthquake Repairs

Wrightway has been working closely in amongst EQC repairs since day one, and is one of the few remaining Christchurch builders that have stood the test of time. There are plenty of cowboys in the construction industry, but Wrightway has a solid history and the customer testimonials to prove it. We do the little things right and ensure your home is as good as, if not better, than its original condition.
We provide you with end-to-end EQC repairs, as well as general construction services. Our experience in Christchurch has compounded over the last decade, developing specialist expertise in earthquake repair methodologies. We work closely with EQC (Toka Tū Ake) and private insurers to ensure that earthquake damaged homes are repaired to an acceptable standard. We are amongst the best of Auckland and Christchurch construction companies who can take the stress out of your earthquake repairs.

Flood Restoration Construction Company

Natural disasters have caused havoc to New Zealand property in New Zealand over the past decade, and recently flooding in the Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Marlborough areas has confirmed that. Wrightway offers a specialist flood remediation response, in which we'll immediately assess, scope and create a quotation for your urgent property repairs. We are one of the few trusted building companies in NZ, known by government departments and insurance companies for handling the quantity surveying aspects, and repair strategies accurately and fairly. This reputation allows us to have your claims processed quickly and smoothly.

Work for Us

Advance your career with Wrightway, and you’ll never look back. Out of all the construction companies in New Zealand, we would like to think we train our staff with building apprenticeships better than anyone else. We progress experienced staff with mentorship in getting additional qualifications, and we help financially, too. Joining our team is a culture of growth and career development mixed in with a little banter, fun and good values, not to mention Friday work drinks and exceptional Christmas parties.
If you have a great attitude and an all-round good person, we’d love to upskill you, and we’d love to have you on our winning team.

New Build Construction Projects

Who better to build you a quality home than a company that was founded on earthquake strengthening and structural integrity? We build homes, not houses, meaning that every build gets considerable attention to detail that you'll enjoy for many years to come, and in doing so, we're being sought after by homeowners who have been advised and encouraged by EQC (Toka Tū Ake) for a rebuild. Our homes are put through a rigorous quality assurance checklist before handover, and you'll be given a 6-month retention clause, holding us liable for any defect you find after you've moved in. We want you to be exceptionally happy and singing our praises to your friends. We are one of the few Christchurch builders that construct only a handful of homes at a time rather than spreading ourselves thin; we get the little things right.

Are you eligible for earthquake repairs funding?

Did you buy your house after EQC repairs were completed/signed off?

Have you noticed any cracking to the slab, foundation, internal wall linings, uneven floors or any other concerns?

At this time, it seems there's no government assistance available for you based on your answers, but Wrightway is more than happy to connect with you, assess and discuss any essential requirments you have.

Please contact Wrightway to organise a free on-site assessment, but in preparation, you'll need the information from the EQC repairs. Do you have this?

Great, if you have any other concerns, please connect with us here.

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No worries, please contact us for your free assessment, but please also contact EQC for the following documents. You'll need - EQC scope asessment?, any scope change summaries, and the contractor invoice of the works.

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Projects run smoothly when EQC repairs are scoped with the end-goal as a delighted customer. Not exactly rocket- science is it? What seems to have occurred within the Christchurch rebuild is that Christchurch construction companies are only focusing on individual elements of a repair, rather than managing an end-to-end solution that’s frustration free. EQC repairs should be completed correctly, accurately and on-time. As a result, Wrightway Construction has committed to a zero defect guarantee.


Wrightway is one of the few preferred, trusted Christchurch construction companies working with closely EQC on earthquake repairs. Wrightway doesn’t accept mediocrity and doesn’t under-quote simply to win the job. An understanding that repairing a job correctly in the first instance is far more intelligent than having to re-repair, time and time again. A “Zero Defects” guarantee shows that we value our good name, our integrity, and that we’re committed to excellence.



Every step of your EQC repairs is documented and reported to you, throughout the process. Clear direction and communication from our Christchurch builders and project managers promotes healthy relationships between all parties involved in your project. As well as keeping everyone in the loop, it also allows us to anticipate challenges, and easily adapt, when jobs uncover their true colours which are sometimes unavoidable. Communication is what keeps everybody positive and focused on a great end result.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we assist Greater Auckland and surrounding areas in all engineering and construction requirements relating to the recent floods.

We've chosen to be part of the NZ Licensed Building Practitioners Association rather than the Master Builders association. Both organisations guide building companies on a set of environmentally sustainable standards, best practices, and ethics.

Yes, Wrightway is proudly Kiwi owned and has been operating as one of New Zealand's leading builders for well over a decade. Originally in Christchurch with expansion into Auckland.

Yes, we guarantee our workmanship. At the end of each project, you'll be asked to inspect and sign-off on all work completed as part of our quality assurance process. We also have a grace period for several months, or as long as it takes to remedy any issues that might arise. Aside from this, we always want to keep our customers happy and sustain an excellent reputation.

Wrigthway could be considered the most qualified team of building and engineering professionals as they've been exposed to disaster repairs across New Zealand. This means they're experienced in working alongside government departments and insurance companies while keeping their clients happy. There have been many builders come and go, especially in Christchurch, whereas Wrightway has stood the test of time.

Yes, we always suggest repair methods with the most environmental benefits and sustainable construction within your budget. if electrical appliances are required in a new build, we always suggest the use of appliances with excellent energy efficiency ratings to reduce your ongoing consumption.

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