General Construction Services

Residential Construction Services

In a city that has been repeatedly challenged by earthquakes, it's important to engage with the few construction companies Christchurch has had operating for over a decade; we've stood the test of time and gained considerable experience in earthquake-related builds and repairs. Construction businesses that aren't entirely Christchurch focused have different methodologies and don't always understand the intricacies or the experience you may have endured to date. Wrightway specialises in earthquake-related residential construction services, so whatever it is that you require can be built to a standard that will endure nature at its best. Of course, outside of earthquake-related construction, we commonly get asked for assistance in cladding, renovations, landscaping and project management.


Best Construction Companies Christchurch-Wide

No one wants construction companies, Christchurch especially, to remain passive and indecisive. After all, you're seeking advice, expertise in residential construction services and leadership in a project that you're unlikely to know a great deal about. Rest assured, we do, and we're happy to advise you while still remaining humble enough to know that you're the boss; unless it comes to compliance of course. Our Wrightway leadership team will usually lay out your options, give indicative pricing and then make recommendations on what experience tells us is the right decision. At the end of the day, you're calling the shots. Once you've indicated how things are to proceed, we'll detail a full scope of works and then talk you through the process in detail.

General Construction Services & Partnerships

We offer an array of residential construction services that you'd come to expect from Christchurch construction businesses, including the opportunity for you to access & link with our partners, such as Quantity Surveyors and Geotechnical & Structural Engineers. These roles are crucial to any general construction project in Canterbury, and we've carefully selected the best in Christchurch for our customers to work alongside. You'll get priority treatment and accurate advice that doesn't cost the earth.

Council Support & EQC.

Any residential construction company in Christchurch that's worth its salt will guide you through the council requirements of your project. If you need consent, Wrightway will happily advise you of how long it may take, the best approach and what the possible outcomes are. We're also very familiar with EQC requirements, so if your project is related to earthquake damage in any way, then of all the construction companies Christchurch wide, you've come to the right place.

Our Services


Landscaping can add the magic that transforms a house into a home. Wrightway is one of the few construction companies Christchurch wide with a dedicated team of landscape professionals. You'll be able to tap into their experience, their vision and will assist you in creating stunning results that fit the landscape and environment of Christchurch.

Project Managers

Your project is only as good as the management team leading it. Wrightway's often engaged to oversee other construction contractors projects for management. Our role is to manage a project with minimal disruptions, and the strength of our industry relationships should see completion on time, compliant and accurate.

Cladding Specialists

With the amount of earthquake-damaged homes in Christchurch, Cladding and recladding have become a common requirement for our customers. We have specialist staff who are detail orientated and incentivised to give you the very best exterior finishes you could hope for.

Renovation Builders

If you're in need of renovations, small or large, then Wrightway is one of the few construction companies Christchurch-wide that will happily visit you onsite, help you understand the variables, your options and will advise you on best practices. We'd love to help you create your masterpiece; for further details, connect with us for a complimentary consultation.

Quantity Surveyors

Wrightway has a dedicated in-house team of Quantity Surveyors who can assist you with your construction process. Having this team of specialists in house allows us to move faster and seamlessly between departments - Ultimately resulting in your project being completed on -time and accurately.

Geo Technical & Structural Engineers

Tap into our network of the best in-house engineers and external partners. Christchurch requires a lot of engineering compliance work to be completed before starting any major construction projects. We like to make our customers lives as easy as possible.

Nervous? We understand.
What To Expect.

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    Initial Contact

    The first step is to connect with us for a complimentary consultation about our residential construction services. We’ll visit you onsite to discuss your plans and guide you through the process, so you have the best information possible. Construction companies Christchurch-wide should be increasing levels of communication considering the difficulties surrounding the Christchurch earthquakes.

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    You’ll have a senior-level staff member visit you for an inspection who’s specialised in the area of construction you’re requiring.

  • 3

    Scope of Works

    Next, we’ll detail and commit to a quotation for you to consider. You’ll often be given options to choose between.

  • 4


    Construction contractors in Christchurch always provide milestones, or at least they should. This way, you’ll know exactly what to expect and where your construction project is tracking at all times. Wrightway is committed to being reliable and an excellent communicator throughout the process.

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    If your construction service is major, you may be asked to vacate your property for a short period of time to avoid injury and for your comfort. This will be discussed prior to any work commencing.

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    Once completed, you’ll be given a questionnaire and quality control report to complete. We’ll go through the work together and make sure you’re 100% happy before signing off.
    Zero defects, guaranteed.