Flood Restoration Christchurch

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Flood Repairs & Restoration

Flood restoration services from Wrightway include a quick response to action because in many cases, we can minimise the damage by rectifying issues quickly. For example, let’s assume that due to water levels, that you’ve experienced overflowing sewage; if this can be handled quickly, the flood damage can be contained and flood repairs may be a lot simpler than if a contractor took several weeks to assess the situation.


Insurance & Flooding

Wrightway works with many insurance companies for flood restoration. We assist consumers in how to lodge claims, so it’s straight forward for insurers to process. In fact, Wrightway has been working with insurers and EQC, for over a decade for services such as earthquake repairs, flood repairs and fire remediation. We understand that if we make the insurers' job easy, and we act as an intermediary to keep claims fair for all parties, then the entire process unfolds smoothly.

Flood repairs can include fixing roofs, timber framing, re-Gibbing, re-cladding, re-plastering, and essentially an entire construction job if the damage is severe. Wrightway has an experienced crew of 40+ Christchurch team members, qualified to remedy any construction related flooding issues you have.

Our Process.

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    Quick Response

    We try and visit you on-site to assess what’s required for flood restoration almost immediately.

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    Upon our assessment, if urgent repairs are required to minimise damage, we’ll bring this to your and the insurers’ attention immediately. If the problem can be contained at the time, we’ll give you this option.

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    Scope of Works

    We’ll give you a detailed scope of works in the format that your insurer approves of to make their processing easy. This will detail each task, and the costs involved in undertaking the flood repairs.

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    When On-site

    Our Christchurch flood restoration team will often need you to vacate your property for the duration of the flood repairs, depending on the severity of the damage. This will be discussed well in advance and included in any reporting we give you.

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    Quality Assurance

    Wrightway Construction always uses photo documentation to sign off on our quality of workmanship, showing and demonstrating that the job has been completed to a high standard. You’ll be asked to sign off that the job has been completed to your satisfaction.

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    Your flood repairs are now complete, and one of our senior team members will be in contact, in case you find anything over the coming weeks that needs rectifying. We aim to please.