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An important part of any earthquake repair or new build process is hiring an experienced Quantity Surveyor Christchurch team. Wrightway Construction has in-house quantity surveyors who can help to put together quotes/estimates for any building requirements, including insurance work, fire damage, flood damage, earthquake repairs or any major repairs required to both commercial and residential buildings.

Detailed quotes/estimates include quantities of each material and the rates, so you have complete transparency, rather than just receiving a quote from a builder where you're not 100% sure where the money is going to be spent.

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The role of Quantity Surveyor companies in Christchurch often relates to earthquake damage that needs to be repaired. Still, in any construction project, it's an essential step to get an accurate forecast of the costs involved and detailed reporting around where your money will be spent. 

Their role is to navigate the financial side of the project before it begins to give you a detailed understanding of the investment required and the opportunity to remove unnecessary options, to help you meet the desired budget.


Quantity Surveyor companies are normally involved in the initial stages through to the completion of a project, it's at the very beginning of the process, often to submit a tender, or if a private construction job, they'll provide detailed estimates/quotes that are subject to change in case the supplies vary in cost or any other changes are made during construction.

If someone wants to build a house, the QS would create a detailed estimate from the architect's plans, projecting the project investment required.

The advantage of coming to Wrightway is that you'll have a large scale team, with a multitude of skills collaborating on the best practices and cost-effective methods to achieve your construction goals as opposed to an external company supplying disjointed information.

Your advantage is that we have an intimate knowledge of the construction process, and therefore allow them to price your project with considerable accuracy.

Engaging Quantity Surveyors

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    When To Engage The QS

    With Wrightway Construction you don’t need to worry about when to engage quantity surveyors (QS). We’ll unfold through the entire process on your behalf. Your first step is to contact us with your construction project details and we’ll walk you through the process. contact page.

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    What Do Quantity Surveyors Do?

    A QS is often the first step in assessing your construction projects financial feasibility. We’ll need to detail accurate costs and materials. This is the role of the QS.

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    What Happens Next?

     After you receive a detailed report from our QS, you’ll be run through each costing enabling you to make financial decisions. If there’s an opportunity to reduce the total budget allocated for this project, Wrightway will make alternative suggestions and run you through your options.

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    Strategy & Partnership

    Upon your approval, you’re then asked to make a deposit for the initial stages of your construction project. The project is given milestones, enabling us to review workmanship and ensure your satisfaction.

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    Wrightway then progresses with your project upon your approval of the costings and timeline. We order the materials and equipment required to commence your construction.

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    As your project is nearing completion, we invite you to run through a series of check to ensure you’re 100% happy with our workmanship. We operate with the best quantity surveyor companies Christchurch has on offer.

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