Geotechnical & Structural Engineering


If you've recently been granted an on-sold government payment for a home that you've purchased, post-quake, and you're wondering how to take the next steps, then Wrightway can help. We have a network of carefully selected professionals both in geotechnical engineering and the best structural engineers Christchurch has on offer to assist you in getting your earthquake repairs started.

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Wrightway handles the project management of your earthquake repairs. In doing so, our first task is to request an engineers report from our trusted panel of Christchurch structural engineering companies. The benefit of having Wrightway Construction project managing your repairs is that we'll do the heavy lifting, the organisation of documents, and ensure accountability on any contractors or engineers involved. Ideally, you won't lift a finger.


Upon determining that certain structural repairs are required, Wrightway then requests a geotechnical engineering report from our panel of the highest calibre of engineers Christchurch has on offer. We only select and work closely with the best geotechnical engineers to ensure your repair project starts accurately. A geotechnical report measures your soil and ground stability, allowing Wrightway to make informed decisions about how best to plan your repair process.


The role of a Christchurch structural engineer in relation to earthquake damage is checking the foundations and the strength of the structure. Once the damage is identified, they then create a formal report to describe the repairs that are required to re-strengthen, fix and make the structure safe again. Wrightway uses this information to make informed decisions, considering safety and your most cost-effective approach.


Often referred to as a ground engineer, geotechnical engineering identifies the ground levels. They bore into the ground (Scala test) and measures the density, the soil content, including the water depth, to understand and report on the stability of the ground so a structural team can design a repair strategy on the basis of soil conditions.


Once the structural engineering professionals have designed the repair strategy, Wrightway can start the process of both scoping and pricing the job. We help you submit the claim to EQC or the insurance company. Wrightway is experienced in Christchurch earthquake repairs and trusted as an earthquake repair specialist having many interactions with EQC for almost a decade.

Repairs Start With Structural Engineers

  • 1

    Onsold Government Payment?

    For Christchurch residents that are wondering what the first steps are in getting earthquake repairs underway, it starts with engaging Wrightway Construction to assign a trusted structural engineer to report on your property. First, connect with us, we’ll ask the relevant questions, and we’ll get the process underway for you.

  • 2

    Structural Report

    Our structural team will create a report detailing the structural integrity of your home or building, and we’ll then be able to make the informed decision as to whether we should engage a geotechnical engineer to report on soil conditions.

  • 3

    Scope of Works

    Once both the geotechnical engineering & Structural engineers Christchurch teams have reported, Wrightway will give you a complete scope of the work required to fix your home.

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    Taking into consideration the complexity of your repairs, revealed by both the geotechnical and the structural engineer’s report, Wrightway will establish a timeline with milestones and quality assurance processes. You may need to seek temporary accommodation, but we can discuss your options in detail when the time comes.

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    Quality Assurance

    As a project management company, if your earthquake repairs, Wrightway will ensure your geotechnical and structural engineers do their jobs properly. We’ll also ensure that our in-house team or any other contractors are on time and quality check their workmanship prior to inviting you to personally conduct a final signoff alongside our management team.

  • 6

    Completion & Guarantee

    Your home is now repaired and ready to enjoy. The goal is to give you back your home or building in a far better condition than you imagined, and if you were to find any corrections that need to be made, Wrightway would stand by our 12 months, no-defects guarantee.

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