Earthquake Services & Repairs

Building Repairs Christchurch-Wide

Wrightway are specialist earthquake builders. Known for assisting in the rebuild and the challenges of handling your earthquake repairs. We help with the correct documentation for EQC & insurance claims in both the commercial & residential sectors. Having stood the test of time as trusted earthquake builders, we understand the complexities that property owners going through, and we're here to coordinate solutions.

Wellington Earthquake Support

We all know that Wellington poses significant seismic risk, especially in relation to isolation if infrastructure is damaged during a shake. We don't have permanent offices in Wellington, but we are based in both Auckland and Christchurch and are available to assist with any urgent requirements. Wrightway has extensive experience in working alongside insurers and New Zealand government departments, so we can respond quickly, relocate our senior project managers to assist.

Specialised Earthquake Builders Who Remove The Stress

When working with Wrightway Construction, we design our role to take the frustration out of the common building repairs Christchurch has become so familiar with. If you're in a position where your home hasn't been fixed correctly since the February shakes in 2011, then you'll need us to take the lead on your claim and resolve the issues so life can get back to normal.

Wrightway Construction will do our very best for you as specialised earthquake builders. We guarantee our workmanship on all projects, including exterior, interior and structural requirements, and we'll remain here in Canterbury as one of the stronger and most trusted Christchurch earthquake service companies you'll find for many years to come.

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Support to Expect

Initially, your construction project will undertake planning and be scoped in detail. Our earthquake builders will visit your property and carry out an in-depth building inspection on both your exterior and interior, for your repairs and renovations.

Next, Wrightway will give you an accurate time-line, staging milestones, so there are no surprises. If you ever feel we're off target, please understand that you can openly talk to us, and together we can ensure you're comfortable with our performance and progress.
We'll communicate throughout your entire earthquake service or building project, so you always know how your project is progressing.

From time to time, all Christchurch earthquake builders face weather interruptions to our schedules, but such delays are easily communicated, and assuming that everyone is fair and reasonable, your construction project can adapt to suit.
Again, our goal is to help you navigate your home renovations, design and earthquake repairs with as little disruption as possible.

EQC Support - Earthquake Repairs

Most Christchurch homeowners who were affected by the earthquakes aren't aware of EQC's recent announcement. If you have purchased a house, post-quake, that was fixed, and you've discovered a substandard earthquake service and building repairs, or if you're experiencing evidence that your home hasn't been repaired correctly, then Wrightway can help. EQC is now accepting new claims to protect buyers of EQC repaired homes.

Wrightway Construction is one of the few ECQ approved Christchurch construction companies, and we can help you through this process, providing guidance on claims, your insurance terms and your best options including addition renovations. If you'd like to learn more about how our earthquake builders can help you, please connect and we'll organise a free house inspection.

Earthquake Services


Earthquake Strengthening

Our team of earthquake strengthening engineers will visit you on-site to assess risk, and what repairs are required to bring your building up to the required standard. We usually respond to your request within 24 hours and can be onsite within several days.



Seismic Assessments

A seismic assessment is required if you have been issued an EPB notice from the Christchurch or local council, and assuming you want to keep your building insurable. Our team provides earthquake prone building (EPB) assessments from senior, qualified structural engineers who can be on site within just days of your request and who can report in detail all findings of not only the building, but also the surrounding environment, within the property and your most cost-effective repair methods.


Christchurch Earthquake Repairs

Our team are specialised Christchurch earthquake building repair contractors. We've repaired approximately 1000 homes, and we've remained aligned with EQC as a preferred contractor due to our workmanship and customer feedback. If you'd like an assessment or a second opinion, we're here to help.


Christchurch As Is Where Is Houses

If you're considering to buy As Is Where Is houses in Christchurch, or a commercial building, then there are several partnership options you may be interested in. Wrightway Construction has been working as Christchurch earthquake repair specialists for almost a decade and have an in-depth understanding of the structural repairs and costs associated with bringing the house back to an insurable standard.


Onsold Earthquake Damaged Homes

If you've registered for government assistance via the ex-gratia on-sold scheme to assist those who purchased post-quake, and you're now researching who the best contracting company to engage with is, then Wrightway could be your ideal partner to help you navigate your earthquake repairs, maintenance and renovations.

Geo Technical & Structural Engineers

Tap into our network of the best in-house engineers and external partners. Christchurch city requires a lot of engineering compliance work to be completed before starting any major construction projects. We like to make our customers' lives as easy as possible, which includes resource consents and council approvals which often require engineering reports.

Nervous About Your Repairs?
How Our Service Works.

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    Initial Contact

    Connect with us, and we’ll start the process with a phone call and book in a
    complimentary, onsite consultation to discuss your projects.

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    This is an opportunity for our founder to introduce himself, assess your project first-hand and understand your requirements and desires. When on-site, please be prepared with a
    checklist of areas you’d like us to examine. This consultation is 100% free.

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    Scope of Works

    No one likes surprises. So instead, we’ll commit to a price and stand by our word and terms. We’ll also assist you in lodging any documentation to EQC or insurance companies if the project has a third party involved.

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    Christchurch earthquake builders generally provide you with milestones, so you know exactly what to expect. There’s nothing better than having a tradesman or project management team that’s reliable and specialised in earthquake building repairs Christchurch-wide. Reliability is such a rare quality and retaining builders that have been in the Christchurch market for over a decade is extremely valuable.

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    Many maintenance and repair jobs can take place without you having to move off-site. Having Wrightway contractors in your environment will be stress-free, with minimal interruption to your everyday life. It’s our priority to ensure your experience with our team is a pleasant one.

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    Upon completion, an important factor is quality control. Wrightway has a four check-point system prior to your project being approved. Once approved internally, we ask you to inspect the job and let us know that you’re satisfied. In the unlikely event that you’re not 100% comfortable, we’ll happily meet your standards at no additional cost.

    Zero defects, guaranteed.