Christchurch Earthquake Repairs & Renovations

Wrightway is a trusted Christchurch earthquake repair company who can provide you with an end-to-end solution. We are most commonly known for assisting you in the challenges of handling your earthquake-related, EQC & insurance claims, both in the commercial & residential sectors.

Earthquake Claims & Building Repairs.

Earthquake Claims & Building Repairs.

When working with Wrightway Construction, we aim to take the frustration out of your ongoing repair issues putting them to bed, once and for all. If you're in a position where your home hasn't been fixed correctly since the shake in 2011, then you'll need us to champion your claim, take the lead and get to the bottom of the issues so life can get back to normal.

We'll do our very best for you and we'll be here in Canterbury for many years to come. Your opinion of our quality of work and our public reputation is very important to us. Our promise to you is that we'll give you the best building advice and service that Christchurch has on offer.

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What To Expect

Initially, your earthquake repairs project will be assessed and you'll be given a verbal understanding of your best options and we do this for free. Once you've engaged Wrightway as your earthquake repair contractor, we'll scope your project in detail. We visit your Christchurch property and carry out an in-depth inspection, preparing documentation for EQC.

Next, we give you an accurate time-line and staging milestones, so there are no surprises. We are known for being both reliable and reputable in the Christchurch earthquake repairs sector, so If you ever feel we're off target, please know that you can openly talk to us, and together, we'll find a solution.

From time to time, the weather does interrupt our schedule, but this is easily communicated and provided that everyone is fair and reasonable, your earthquake repairs can adapt to suit. Again, our goal is to help you navigate your repairs stress-free.

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EQC Support

Most Kiwi's aren't aware of the government's recent announcement regarding the on-sold, ex-gratia payment to help people who purchased after the Christchurch earthquake with repairs. If you have purchased a house, post-quake, and you've now found that the repairs are more significant than originally scoped, or you're experiencing that your home hasn't been repaired correctly, EQC is now accepting registrations for the on-sold, over-cap, exgratia payment. Wrightway Construction can help you through this process, providing guidance on eligibility and your best options. Click here to find out more.

We're here to help

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    Initial Contact

    Connect and we’ll start the process by asking you for any earthquake repair related documentation you have. We have a phone call to explain what you’ll need, and although this process can take some time, it’s well worth the potential outcome. We’ll guide you on every step.

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    Now that your Christchurch earthquake repair documentation has been collated, we can now assess your project to understand your exact requirements. Please be prepared with a checklist of areas you’d like us to view. This home inspection is 100% free.

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    Scope of Works

    Now that we’re formally engaged as you earthquake repair contractor, Wrightway then prepares your scope of works and assists you in lodging any documentation to EQC for their approval.

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    Upon EQC’s acceptance of your Christchurch Earthquake repairs, we’ll present you with milestones, clarifying exactly what you should expect. Wrightway is known as a reliable, EQC approved Christchurch earthquake repairs provider, and keeping up our good reputation is important to us.

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    The majority of Christchurch earthquake repair projects can take place without you having to leave your home. Wrightway will endeavour to keep your home safe and stress-free.

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    Once your earthquake repairs are completed, Wrightway will engage in quality control. We run through a detailed process of checking all workmanship, and once our management is satisfied, we’ll ask you to inspect and approve your earthquake repairs also.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are 2 types of earthquake repairs, cosmetic and structural. Cosmetic damage includes, Gib joints opening up, step cracking to mortat joints on brick cladding. Structural damage can be a number of things, including foundation cracking, foundation relevelling, cladding cracking, concrete floor slab cracks, floor tile cracking.

No is the short answer. However, there are ways you can lessen the damage that the house will receive. The New Zealand Building code has been improved over the years and since the Canterbury earthquake sequence and now requires a certain standard of foundation to be laid. This is dependent on what category of land you are building on. In Canterbury there are generally 3 types of land, technical category 1, 2, 3. Number 3 being the softest type of land and number 1 being the best type of land to build on.

Concrete, steel, timber, plasterboard.

The engineering begins in the ground via the designed foundation types. Then the connections from the house to the foundation. The internal walls are braced. All these items are an attempt to protect a house from earthquakes, but it depends on how strong the Earthquake is as to what type of damage will occur in the house.

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