Onsold Earthquake Damaged Homes


In August last year, the Government announced a policy that means owners of ‘on-sold’ over-cap properties could apply for an ex-gratia payment to have their homes repaired. Unfortunately, registrations for this have now closed, but if you're still on the hunt for a specialised EQ repair contractor, Wrightway can help.

We have seen a recent surge in the number of ‘on-sold’ property owners contacting us to guide them through the repair process. You can connect with us by filling out the form below. If you've been deemed eligible and you've met criteria, the main ones being: you purchased the home before August 2019, and at the time any earthquake damage to the home had been determined to be under cap; with unscoped damage now taking it over the EQC cap, then we'll assist in the moving your project forward.

We are happy to meet with you and discuss project management, including a detailed timeline compliance, and sign-off.

Our Managing Director, Hamish Wright, is personally involved in all of our on-sold jobs, attending the first meeting with you, and determining the best strategy for the repair of your home.


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    If you've been notified that you're eligible for an on-sold over-cap ex-gratia payment, please connect with us, or If you'd like a face-to-face meeting with our managing director, it's easily arranged. Simply reach out using the form above and we'll coordinate a time that works best for you. 

    With an in-house team of 40+, Wrightway are trusted as the specialists in earthquake repairs Christchurch-wide. We pay attention to details, we stand by our quality with workmanship guarantees and work hard to give you exceptional customer service. Our reputation for delivery has led to longstanding relationships with homeowners, advocates and support services, and EQC and insurers.

    Wrightway's team includes seven licensed building practitioners, foundation repair specialists and quantity surveyors, plus we do our own house lifting and foundation replacements, and re-levels.  Where expert input is required we work with a group of trusted architects, engineers, and surveyors that we have been working with for a number of years.

    Purchased, Post Quake?
    Here's how we can help

    • 1

      Initial Contact

      Visit our contact page and let us your situation in detail, we’ll then call to gather further details and documentation, so we can then progress to an inspection of your on-sold, earthquake-damaged home. Any inspections are 100% free of charge.

    • 2


      Once we have your documents in order, we’ll arrange to visit your home to carry out an in-depth inspection. Your on-sold, earthquake-damaged home will require a thorough inspection so it’s best to prepare, by decluttering areas of concern.

    • 3

      Scope of Works

      During the house inspection, we’ll document all damage and related earthquake areas of concern. Our team of professionals who are experienced in EQC assessments will scope the work required and assist you in your submission to EQC.

    • 4


      Assuming you get the thumbs up for an over-cap government payment, then Wrightway will provide you with a timeline that’s suitable for the earthquake repairs to be completed. We’ll do our best for this to fit in with your personal life and stick to our commitments.

    • 5


      As the commencement date approaches, our office staff will call you & run you through what to expect. Our team will arrive, set-up and ensure safety methods and practices are in place so your family home can function with minimal inconvenience.

    • 6


      Your on-sold, earthquake-damaged home should now be repaired and quality checked to a standard of workmanship that you’re happy to sign-off to.

      Wrightway will ask you to inspect our work and raise any concerns or questions you may have. It’s unlikely, but If you notice any discrepancies in the coming months, please call us to discuss the matter at your earliest convenience.

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