Frequently Asked Questions

This page is dedicated to helping you understand the process of earthquake inspections and the repair process in Christchurch, New Zealand. Wrightway is one of the few remaining specialised earthquake repairs and construction companies in Christchurch.

Q&A's About Earthquake Repairs In Christchurch.


Are your assessments of damaged earthquake homes free?

Yes, Wrightway Construction in Christchurch will assess the earthquake damage in your home and help you through the claim process with EQC.


How long does it take for you to inspect and assess my earthquake damage at my home?

We hope to visit your home within three weeks, from your initial enquiry however we work with you before the inspection collecting important information such as engineering documentation, photos, and the original EQC scope of works. The actual onsite assessment takes approximately one hour.


Is Wrightway Construction part of the EQC?

No Wrightway Construction isn't part of EQC; however, we are one of the last remedial repairers in the EQC program and we work closely with EQC. If you'd like to reach EQC directly call 0800 326 243, but it might be wise for us to come out for a reassessment of your earthquake repairs first.


How long do earthquake repairs take to complete?

All earthquake repairs are different depending on the scope of works; however, if you require releveling, this could require 10+ weeks for completion. On average, earthquake repairs at Wrightway construction are 5-6 weeks until completion.


What are the common earthquake repairs in Christchurch homes?

Christchurch homes frequently require re-levelling, which includes pile work and releveling. When releveling, you'll also get consequential damage, meaning that once your floor is re-levelled, the internal linings crack and your earthquake repair scope will need to include gib stopping, plastering, painting etc. Wrightway construction handles your project end-to-end.


If I have previously claimed on earthquake damage and I have had a repair that hasn't fixed the problem, what can I do?

Wrightway can reassess your earthquake repairs, the repair job and help you through the process. It would then be wise to contact EQC, notifying them that you intend to lodge a remedial claim for additional earthquake damage and/or mis-scoped earthquake damage.


Can I make a new claim to missed earthquake damage?

If you discover earthquake damage that was missed on your first claim for your home, land or contents, Wrightway can review your original earthquake claim and may be able to help.

What is foundation re-levelling?

Many Christchurch homes require re-levelling after the earthquakes. Your foundations could have moved, whether they're are piles, concrete slab, concrete ring, and your floors and walls are not level. We have a process, of re-levelling the foundation, so your home is back to normal.

What is re-piling?

Re-piling is a part of re-levelling or can be done if your house is old and the existing piles are deteriorating. When we can't pack an existing pile to fix it, we need to replace your damaged piles, and this is called re-pilling. These may be causing structural damage to your property.


What is a structural assessment?

A structural assessment is carried out to assess the structural integrity of a structure. To measure it's safety and strength, while also predicting it's future structural integrity. This is an essential part of any earthquake repair strategy. A structural assessment is done to find out the extent of the earthquake damage to a house.

Wrightway can assist you with obtaining a structural assessment for your commercial or residential property for earthquake damage, as we work closely with the most reputable engineers in Christchurch.

What is re-cladding?

Recladding your home is a process of fixing your exterior walls, giving them a new facade, sealing them and ensuring structural integrity. There are many types of cladding finishes to choose from, and it's a common task when repairing a home that's been damaged in the earthquakes.

Does Wrightway do standard renovations that aren't earthquake-related?

The short answer is yes! If you'd like your home renovated, we're happy to assist.

What is a Quantity Surveyors role in an earthquake assessment on a damaged home?

A quantity surveyor's role is to calculate the cost or your repair project and then once the project is started, to ensure that it remains on budget.
A Quantity Surveyor will make sure that everything is covered that is required to build a new home or repair a property, covering everything that is essential, such as enabling-work and consequential damage.

Wrightway has an in-house team of Quantity Surveyors, meaning that your project can be handled fluently and with one single point of contact.

Are foundation repairs safe?

Yes, we use a repair strategy that is engineered to withstand seismic movement to ensure the stability of your foundations for future events. We often repair foundations by epoxy injection into any cracks, that expands as it dries, meaning there's minimal disruption to your property.

What is a geotechnical assessment?

This is an evaluation of your land. Usually, property developers will get an assessment of a site so it can assist with the design of construction, but in the case of earthquake repair strategies, a geotechnical assessment is to ensure the safety and stability of the land to carry out repairs.

How detailed will my scope of works be?

We'll give you a room-by-room assessment, both internal and external, such as cladding, paths, driveways, drainage etc. We will detail all repair requirements in a format that is suitable to submit to EQC, including photo evidence.


What happens if my repair is not done correctly?

If your repair hasn't been fixed correctly by another construction company, Wrightway can provide a professional assessment to determine if the repairs have been conducted properly, or not. You'll be provided a full report for your records.

Wrightway has many happy customers, and you can check our reviews to be certain of our workmanship. We guarantee our work, and we are one of the few remaining earthquake repair specialists that's still operating in Christchurch.

What is foundation replacement?

There are a few cases when a foundation cannot be repaired; the only option is to replace the foundation. Wrightway Construction can assist you with the project as required by high-lifting, and carefully shifting the house, while remaining on-site, to replace the foundation as required.


Who fixes as-is-where-is property?

Wrightway Construction can help you by assessing the repair costs of your as-is-where-is property. Or if you wish, we could investigate purchasing your as-is property and repairing it ourselves. If this interest you, please don't hesitate to call us for a free assessment.