Are you eligible for earthquake repairs funding?

Did you buy your house after EQC repairs were completed/signed off?

Have you noticed any cracking to the slab, foundation, internal wall linings, uneven floors or any other concerns?

At this time, it seems there's no government assistance available for you based on your answers, but Wrightway is more than happy to connect with you, assess and discuss any essential requirments you have.

Please contact Wrightway to organise a free on-site assessment, but in preparation, you'll need the information from the EQC repairs. Do you have this?

Great, if you have any other concerns, please connect with us here.

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Perfect, let's book you in for a free onsite inspection

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No worries, please contact us for your free assessment, but please also contact EQC for the following documents. You'll need - EQC scope asessment?, any scope change summaries, and the contractor invoice of the works.

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