Christchurch Earthquake Repairs & Construction Projects

The Wrightway team are one of the few EQC-approved Christchurch construction companies who can provide you with an end-to-end building repair and renovation service.

We are most commonly known for assisting you in the challenges of handling your earthquake repairs, EQC & insurance claims, both in the commercial & residential sectors. Of all the Christchurch Construction companies, we'd like to think that with our extensive experience, we understand the difficulties that you're going through best and we're here to help.


We buy As-Is Where Is houses.

When working with Wrightway Construction, we aim to take the frustration out of your ongoing earthquake repair issues putting them to bed, once and for all. If you're in a position where your home hasn't been fixed correctly since the shake in 2011, then you'll need us to champion your claim, take the lead and get to the bottom of the issues so life can get back to normal.

Wrightway Construction will do our very best for you, we guarantee our workmanship, and we'll remain here in Canterbury as one of the best trusted Christchurch Construction companies you'll find for many years to come. Both your opinion and our public reputation are very important to us and therefore, our promise to you is that we'll give you the best building advice and service that Christchurch construction companies have on offer.

What to Expect

Initially, your earthquake repair or Christchurch construction project will be scoped with detail. Our building contractors will visit your property and carry out an in-depth building inspection for your repairs and renovations.
Next, Wrightway will give you an accurate time-line and staging milestones, so there are no surprises. If you ever feel we're off target, please understand that you can openly talk to us, and together we can ensure you're comfortable with our progress.
We'll communicate throughout your building project, so you always know how your renovations are progressing.
From time to time, all Christchurch construction companies face weather interruptions to our schedules, but such delays are easily communicated, and assuming that everyone is fair and reasonable, your construction project can adapt to suit.
Again, our goal is to help you navigate your home renovations and earthquake repairs with as little disruption as possible.

EQC Support - Earthquake Repairs

Most Christchurch homeowners that were affected by the earthquakes aren't aware of EQC's recent announcement. If you have purchased a house, post-quake, that was fixed, and you've discovered substandard building repairs, or you're experiencing evidence that your home hasn't been repaired correctly, then Wrightway can help. EQC is now accepting new claims to protect buyers of EQC repaired homes.

Wrightway Construction is one of the few ECQ approved Christchurch construction companies, and we can help you through this process, providing guidance on claims and your best options.

Our Construction Services

Repairs & Renovations

Wrightway is trusted as one of the best Christchurch construction companies.
We can provide you with an end-to-end build, repair and renovation service. We also assist you in the challenges of handling your earthquake-related, EQC & insurance claims both in the commercial & residential sectors. Your building project will be scoped, we’ll give you an accurate time-line and staging milestones so there are no surprises. We'll communicate through your building project so you always know how your renovations are progressing.

Construction Project Managers

Construction is a broad term in Christchurch, meaning that when companies or contractors are asked to provide a service outside their immediate skill-set, a project management company should be appointed. The best Christchurch builders & project management companies have a network of skills & people they can depend on. Wrightway Construction is known as a preferred supplier to EQC because of our inhouse team of project managers who are accountable for your deadlines & driving results that you'll be delighted with.

Earthquake Home Inspections

Want a second opinion on your building project or earthquake repairs from one of the best Christchurch construction companies? If you’re already engaged within a construction or building company, but you'd like a second opinion, Wrightway has a team of advisors. If you’ve had EQC repairs completed, and you’re not satisfied with the results, then Wrightway can easily assist with a professional reassessment report & help you through the process with EQC to have your home repairs managed quick & snappy.

Nervous? We understand.
So here is how it works

Initial Contact

Connect with us and we’ll start the process with a phone call and booking in a
complimentary, on-site consultation.


This is an opportunity for our founder to introduce himself, assess your project first-hand and understand your requirements and desires. When on-site, please be prepared with a
checklist of areas you’d like us to examine. This consultation is 100% free.

Scope of Works

No-one likes surprises. So instead, we’ll commit to a price and stand by our word. We’ll also assist you in lodging any documentation to EQC, or insurance companies if the project has a third party involved.


Christchurch construction companies, generally provide you with milestones, so you know exactly what to expect. There’s nothing better than having a tradesman or project management team that’s reliable. It’s such a rare quality, so Wrightway is committed to being the reliable partners you’re looking for.


Many repair jobs can take place without you having to move off-site. Having Wrightway contractors in your environment will be stress-free, with minimal interruption to your
everyday life. It’s our priority to ensure your experience with our team is a pleasant one.


Upon completion, an important factor is quality control. Wrightway have a 4 check-point system, prior to your project being approved. Once approved internally, we ask you to inspect the job, and let us know that you’re satisfied. In the unlikely event that you’re not 100% comfortable, we’ll happily meet your standards at no additional cost.
Zero defects, guaranteed.