As Is Where Is Houses For Sale Christchurch


If you're considering to buy As Is Where Is houses in Christchurch, then there are several partnership options you may be interested in. Wrightway Construction has been working as Christchurch earthquake repair specialists for almost a decade and have an in-depth understanding of the structural repairs and costs associated with bringing the house back to an insurable standard.

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Wrightway Construction has the experience to inspect the house you are considering. We'll give accurate costs for repairs, and we'll even investigate partnering with you in a joint-venture, funding the repairs, in return for payment upon sale. What this means is that you can buy an earthquake damaged property at the As Is Where Is cost, we'll fund the repairs and we'll split the profit once sold, or reinsured.


If you have an earthquake damaged house for sale that is considered As Is Where Is in Christchurch, and you don't have the funds for the repair costs, then Wrightway Construction can partner with you and undertake the repairs without payment until the house is once again re-insurable. Once repaired, the bank will be open to re-mortgaging the property, either once sold, or to you personally if you want to continue living in it. You will only pay for the repairs once reinsured, remortgaged, or sold. We start with a coffee discussing the partnership terms and the as is where is clauses of our agreement to ensure everyone is 100% happy before commencing to ultimately achieve an outcome that benefits everyone.


A house that isn't insurable is deemed as - As is where is, meaning that the insurance companies, see it as too much of a risk to insure if there's another earthquake in Christchurch. In effect, this is a significant risk for you, the purchaser, that you may lose the value of the house if another shake occurs and the home is deemed irreparable. The solution is to get the house insurable as fast as possible post-purchase, and this is where you can make financial gains. The definition of As Is Where Is, is that the item for sale is sold in its existing state (As Is) and that you the purchaser accept all faults with the item apparent, or not. Put simply, the buyer is responsible for all future issues with the As Is Where Is House.

Sell Or Buy As Is Where Is Houses With Confidence

Buy As Is Where Is In Christchurch

Connect with us, let us know the property details and we can organise an inspection time. It's best you've viewed the house first, and you have a rough understanding of the market value once insurable or sold. Our role will be to scope the works required. Connect with us on our contact page.

Sell As Is Where Is In Christchurch

The first step is to connect with us and forward us any details form EQC, or estimates of what the repairs may cost. We'll come and evaluate the property so we have a financial understanding of how a partnership may work.

Scope of Works

 Our team of earthquake damage professionals who are experienced in As Is Where Is houses in Christchurch will give you a complete scope the work required so we can draw up a partnership agreement with you that may include us funding the earthquake repairs for your home.

Strategy & Partnership

Whether you're buying or selling an as is where is home, we need to create plan of how you'd like our relationship to progress. We can act as an independent assessor and earthquake repair specialist, or we can partner with you to prepare the house for sale, or re-insuring so you can live in it for years, stress-free. As part of this process, you may remortgage and we'll discuss the milestones along the journey. We'll draw up an agreement prior to moving forward that you're 100% comfortable with.


An inspection of an As Is Where Is Property includes a full scope of works and a timeline for your repairs to occur. It details milestones, possible anomalies and the process of how we'll progress through them. This is a partnership, so the better we plan, the happier the result.


Your As Is Where Is house should now be repaired to a standard that is insurable and can be sold at full price. We'll conduct quality checks along the journey and give you a signoff procedure so you have full visibility.