Construction Project Managers

Construction is a broad term in Christchurch, meaning that when a builder is asked to provide a service outside their immediate skill-set, a project management company should be appointed.

project managers

A Second Opinion

If we're not available to work with you directly on your construction project and if you're uncertain about using a building company or contractor for the first time, you may want the security of another set of trained eyes.

You can also overlay Wrightway Construction as a project management team to establish milestones, inspect workmanship and install best practices.  This is a reasonable and common service that we consider best-practice and provide across Canterbury.

Strong Relationships

The best Christchurch builders & project management companies have a network of skills, talent & people that they can depend on. It's absurd to think that any one company can provide all things to all people in the building industry, which means that a companies depth is heavily reliant on the strength of their relationships.

EQC Results

One relationship that makes a big difference to our customers is the strong relationship that we have with the earthquake commission.
Wrightway Construction is known as a preferred supplier to EQC because of our inhouse team of project managers who are accountable for your deadlines and driving results that you'll be delighted with.

Although EQC often gets the brunt of the public opinion, the organisation's priority is to process your claim fairly, promptly and efficiently. Fewer challenges and obstacles occur when you're project management team knows their methods and how to communicate effectively, gaining you fast results with desirable outcomes.

Nervous? We understand.
So here is how it works

Initial Contact

Connect with us and we’ll start the process with a phone call and booking in a
complimentary, on-site consultation.


This is an opportunity for our founder to introduce himself, assess your project first-hand and understand your requirements and desires. When on-site, please be prepared with a
checklist of areas you’d like us to examine. This consultation is 100% free.

Scope of Works

No-one likes surprises. So instead, we’ll commit to a price and stand by our word. We’ll also assist you in lodging any documentation to EQC, or insurance companies if the project has a third party involved.


We provide you with milestones, so you know exactly what to expect. There’s nothing better than having a tradesman or project management team that’s reliable. It’s such a rare quality, so Wrightway is committed to being the reliable partners you’re looking for.


Many repair jobs can take place without you having to move off-site. Having Wrightway contractors in your environment will be stress-free, with minimal interruption to your
everyday life. It’s our priority to ensure your experience with our team is a pleasant one.


Upon completion, an important factor is quality control. Wrightway have a 4 check-point system, prior to your project being approved. Once approved internally, we ask you to inspect the job, and let us know that you’re satisfied. In the unlikely event that you’re not 100% comfortable, we’ll happily meet your standards at no additional cost.
Zero defects, guaranteed.