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Construction is a broad term, meaning that when a builder is asked to provide a service outside of their immediate skill-set, they say yes, often at your risk and expense. It's best to engage project management companies with an expert team with dedicated construction project managers, so your Christchurch building project runs smoothly and on budget.

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A Second Opinion - Christchurch Project Managers

If you're uncertain about using certain Christchurch building companies or contractors for the first time, you may want the security of another set of trained eyes from qualified construction project managers. It's common to overlay Wrightway's specialist Construction project managers to manage your building project end-to-end. We'll establish milestones, quality assures workmanship & ensures best building practices are followed for building Christchurch homes.

strong relationships

Strong Relationships

The best construction project managers in Christchurch are employed by specialist project management companies that have a network of skills, talent & people that they can depend on. It's unrealistic to think that a single builder can provide all things, to all people in the building industry, which means that a company's ability to deliver your building project on time, is reliant on the strength of their relationships. Wrightway purposely builds strategic alliances that our construction project managers can access when additional man-power or expertise is required.

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EQC Results

One relationship that makes a big difference to our customers and construction project managers is the strong relationship that we have with the earthquake commission.
Wrightway Construction is known as a preferred supplier to EQC because our inhouse team of construction project managers are accountable for your deadlines.

Although EQC often gets the brunt of the public opinion, the organisation's priority is to process your claim fairly, promptly and efficiently. Fewer challenges and obstacles occur when you're construction project managers know EQC's methods and how to communicate effectively. All-in-all, you'll be gaining you fast results with desirable outcomes.

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If your project is already underway, and you'd like our construction project managers to visit you on-site, this is easily arranged, and we can usually arrange an appointment within 1-2 weeks.

scope of work

Scope of Works

Once we understand your project, our qualified construction project managers will complete the scope of works required, embed best practices, milestones, timelines, and give you advice on how the project should unfold. You'll be given options of Wrightway Construction's involvement.

project timeline


Any timeline we give you for your construction project will usually factor typical weather constraints and industry delays that might occur. Our construction project managers are experienced and will anticipate events to give you a timeline that's as accurate as possible.



The most important task a construction project manager has is to give contractors clear instructions, take decisive action, and communicate with you on a regular basis.

quality assurance

Quality Assurance

Wrightway Construction will conduct preliminary QA reports, co-ordinate any requirements, and then present you with a quality control system to ensure that project has been completed and managed to a high standard.