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Free Earthquake Repair Home Inspections.

Recently, the earthquake commission of New Zealand, EQC, announced that anyone who has purchased a repaired home after the quakes could lodge a new claim if they are experiencing issues that haven't been fixed correctly, the first time. This further help from EQC to homeowners is not common knowledge, so if you'd like to know more, please contact us for a free consultation and an earthquake home inspection.

If you’ve had earthquake repairs completed, and you’re not satisfied with the results, then Wrightway construction can easily assist with a professional reassessment report & help you through the process with EQC to have your home repairs managed quick & snappy.

Free Building Project Inspections

Free Building Project Inspections

Aside from earthquake repairs and earthquake home inspections, Wrightway Construction offers free inspections on any building project you have, regardless of whether it's already in progress or yet to commence. If you need a second opinion on your building project, and you’ve already engaged with another construction or building company, Wrightway has a team of advisors that can overlay your project to ensure you're treated fairly and the project runs smoothly.

Initially, we'll visit your construction site, assess the workmanship to date and we'll do this for free. If there is reasonable cause for overlaying our project management service, we'll happily advise you of your best options. It's important not to upset the current contractors, but instead to create structure, accountability and goals.

Earthquake home inspections
Here's how it works

Brief Phone Discussion

We’ll start the process on the phone with you, as we'll need to collect the necessary information prior to your earthquake home inspection and to any earthquake repairs.
We then arrange a convenient time for a complimentary, on-site consultation.

On-site Earthquake Home Inspection

Wrightway Construction visits your home to assess your earthquake damage and documents all areas that require earthquake repairs, preparing information to be lodged to EQC. This consultation is 100% free.

Earthquake Home Inspection - Scope of Works

Wrightway will then return to their office and create detailed estimates for submission to EQC, on your behalf. Wrightway collates all documentation at this point and formats it in such a way that suits EQC for easy processing.

Timeline of Earthquake Repairs

You're provided with milestones, allowing you a clear timeline and knowledge of what to expect. From the moment Wrightway enters your home to commence repairs, until the time of completion, can take approximately 8-12 weeks. It's best to prepare your family and living arrangements as best as possible to suit.

While Onsite

Earthquake Home Inspections and repairs can take place without you having to move out of your home. When Wrightway is in your environment, we'll best endeavour to make it a stress-free, with minimal disruption to your usual routine. We want to ensure your experience with our team of contractors is one that you're delighted with.


Once completion occurs, it's essential to quality assure our workmanship. Wrightway has a quality management checklist that we use. Once we approve it internally, we then inspect the job with you, so we know you're 100% satisfied.
Zero defects, guaranteed.