House Repiling

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Repiling Christchurch Homes 

Repiling a house in Christchurch is a common earthquake-related repair. The process is reasonably simple, but it does mean that your house will be out of action for approximately 2-4 weeks. Firstly, all of the floor coverings need to be removed, including carpets and underlays, and then we'll secure the house-structure in place to control stability and relevel the floor if required. Once completed, we'll install new piles as per the engineering designs.

Repiling & Insurance

House repiling doesn't have to be earthquake-related; they can simply have deteriorated over time. Insurance companies often make this a requirement to reinsure the house if you are looking at buying an existing home. In some areas, it's a mandatory requirement by insurance companies to have your foundations upgraded - restrengthened, especially in earthquake-prone areas, such as Christchurch & Wellington.

Repiling A House

Old-style piles were made from concrete, and over time, or if the house moves, these tend to deteriorate and crumble. Nowadays repiling a house occurs with new-style piles that are made from treated timber that is load-tested and designed to last at least 100 years. Wrigthway only uses the latest technolgoy, ensuring your home will remain stable and can endure nature's unpredictable suprises as best as possible.

The Repiling Process

Connect With Us

Initially, customers usually email, or call about repiling their Christchurch homes. We'll set a time for our senior-level staff to visit and undergo an inspection.

Structural Engineering Design

First, we'll need to obtain a structural engineering design drawn up for the piles that require replacement.


We then need to apply for consent after the structural design. This can take 2-4 weeks for the design and then exemption consent can take 1-2 weeks.

Piling Commences

Once consent has been approved, we start the construction phase. Works can take up to 4 weeks, depending on the size of the project.

While Onsite

You'll need to find alternative accommodation during this period, and if this is an earthquake or insurance-related requirement. You'll find that this may be paid for in your claim.

Works Complete

Once the process is finished, you'll be walked through your property with a level, and explained how the process went. We'll ask you to measure and sign-off that you're 100% happy with our workmanship.