Onsold Earthquake Damaged Homes

Wrightway Construction is a Christchurch building company who provides an end-to-end service, of repairing on-sold earthquake damaged homes and project management. We have specialist expertise in earthquake repairs and over the last decade, we have remained within the small group of building companies chosen to work closely alongside EQC and insurance companies to ensure all Christchurch earthquake-damaged homes are correctly repaired.


In August 2019, the Government announced a $300m policy for homeowners of over-cap on-sold earthquake-damaged homes in Canterbury to apply for an ex-gratia Government payment to have their homes repaired. If you think you may be eligible for an ex-gratia payment from the Government, you can find more information on www.eqc.govt.nz, including an online form to register your details. 

Under the Policy, homeowners have 12 months (until August 2020) to register their interest and need to choose a contractor of their choice to complete the repair.

If you believe you may qualify for the on-sold over-cap policy, Wrightway Construction is happy to do a free assessment for you. We start from the beginning with you, from scoping through to quoting, project management, compliance, and signoff.



EQC has announced a commitment of an Ex Gratia government payment to help people that have purchased on-sold earthquake-damaged homes. This applies to owners of on-sold over-cap properties in Canterbury.

The term "on-sold over-cap" means that the earthquake repairs will cost more than the original payout amount. EQC is helping homeowners giving them until August 2020 to register their interest in receiving an ex-gratia payment to repair their earthquake-damaged homes. Our team at Wrightway Construction can help guide you through this registration process.


EQC has received 625 expressions of interest to date, with 561 of these qualifying for the package which means that If you have purchased a home under these circumstances, there's a strong chance that Wrightway Construction can help you apply to EQC for this package.

Wrightway Construction is a preferred, EQC approved, trusted repairer of earthquake-damaged properties who have been operating in Christchurch for almost a decade.



Purchased, Post Quake?
Here's how we can help

Initial Contact

Visit our contact page and let us your situation in detail, we'll then call to gather further details and documentation, so we can then progress to an inspection of your on-sold, earthquake-damaged home. Any inspections are 100% free of charge.


Once we have your documents in order, we'll arrange to visit your home to carry out an in-depth inspection. Your on-sold, earthquake-damaged home will require a thorough inspection so it's best to prepare, by decluttering areas of concern.

Scope of Works

During the inspection of your home, we'll document all damage and related earthquake areas of concern. Our team of professionals who are experienced in EQC assessments will scope the work required and assist you in a submission to EQC.


Assuming you get the thumbs up for an over-cap EQC payment, then Wrightway will provide you with a timeline that's suitable for the earthquake repairs to be completed. We'll do our best for this to fit in with your personal life and stick to our commitments.


As the commencement date approaches, our office staff will call you & run you through what to expect. Our team will arrive, set-up and ensure safety methods and practices are in place so your family home can function with minimal inconvenience.


You on-sold, earthquake-damaged home should now be repaired and quality checked to a standard of workmanship that you're happy to sign-off to.

Wrightway will ask you to inspect our work and raise any concerns or questions you may have. It's unlikely, but If you notice any discrepancies in the coming months, please call us to discuss the matter at your earliest convenience.