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Construction Jobs

If you're looking for a career in carpentry, construction or building, then Wrightway could be an excellent start to undergo your building apprenticeship. Both Auckland and Christchurch are the ideal environments to learn anything construction related; you'll be exposed to many residential repair processes and designs, both big and small, that you won't commonly find elsewhere in New Zealand. Construction work includes foundation repairs and replacements, jacking & packing, exterior cladding, working partnership with Geotechnical and Structural Engineers, house repiling, releveling, and of course, renovations.

We're a friendly bunch at Wrightway, and we're always looking for ambitious people to join us, as well as those who wish to undergo training for their building apprenticeships, Christchurch & Auckland-wide.

Experienced In Construction Work?

Construction workers are in high demand; it's no secret, although reliability and exceptional work ethic is more important than anything to industry employers. If you're experienced within the trades and looking for construction jobs, we'd love to chat with you and determine if there's a good fit within our organisation. We're always looking for great people and happy to reward those who put in the hard yards, while bringing wisdom and experience to the team. Wrightway is an organisation that encourages upward movement and career growth.


Auckland Construction Jobs

With the recent flooding of Auckland, we've been selected as a key partner in working with various insurance companies, meaning that our expertise and depth of knowledge in disaster relief is securing years, if not decades, of demand for our construction services. Work with Wrightway, and you'll be remunerated well, advanced in your career if desired, and secure in your job.



You'll get training, so you're industry ready for construction jobs, and ideally, you want to continue your career plans and service with our rapidly growing company for many years to come. Construction work training starts with hands-on practical training that you'll eventually master, but of course, any building apprenticeship requires a little homework. We can help you understand the technical knowledge, the theory behind it, help you understand the basics of engineering and the architectural scene and help you build a solid career plan, so you're in demand for top construction jobs relevant to your experience. Of course, we'd love to retain you and offer growth within Wrightway internally.


Building apprenticeships, Christchurch & Auckland wide, takes several years to complete. You are given a maximum of 24 months to complete them, but you can fast-track this process with additional homework and submissions in your own time. Wrightway does allow a small portion of your workday to be used for theory work, but we also believe you'll learn more practically, which then will make the theory easier to understand. Your project manager will be there to guide you as you need advice, help you access resources and give assistance.

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When you're welcomed into the Wrightway family for your building apprenticeship, you'll be paired up with a mentor, or at the very least, have access to your foreman. This person will be your first person to ask for help and mentorship. It's a win/win; the faster you develop your skills, the faster you become valuable to us.

How To Get Started

Building apprenticeships in Christchurch and Auckland are no different from anywhere else in New Zealand. First, Wrightway will train you so you can get your New Zealand Certificate in Carpentry (Level 4). Once we have confirmed your employment, you then contact BCITO and signup online into the building apprenticeship program.