Filipino Construction Workers Wanted

Work & Live In New Zealand

We're a friendly bunch at Wrightway, and we're always looking for ambitious people to join us. We'll upskill you, relocate you, & pay you above market rate.

We're actively recruiting talented builders, carpenters, construction workers, and labourers. If hired, we'll fund your relocation costs, assuming you have the skills we're looking for. You'll be setup with a nice accommodation and welcomed into the Wrightway family to ensure your landing in New Zealand is easy, smooth and stress-free. Wrightway's a specialist in disaster related construction repairs, meaning that you'll be exposed to valuable experience in foundation repairs and replacements, jacking & packing, exterior cladding, geotechnical and structural engineering, house repiling, releveling, and, of course, renovations.

Meet Us In Manilla

Construction workers are in high demand globally; it's no secret, and we love employing Filipinos. You have a great work-ethic that we can rely on, and your building practices are similar to New Zealand's, although you will require some training. If you're experienced and looking for construction jobs, we'd love to chat with you and determine if there's a good fit within our organisation. We're hosting seminars in Manilla in the coming months, actively recruiting - you can meet us in person. We're always looking for great people and we are happy to reward those who work hard. Wrightway will help you fast-forward your career and encourage upward movement and skills growth.


New Zealand Training

You'll get New Zealand training, so you're aware of industry standards and best practices. We'll upskill you and help you to get higher qualifications. We'll continue your career growth in case you want to secure a senior position in our rapidly growing company in the years to come. If chosen, we will coach you through a NZ apprenticeship to ensure they fully understand NZ3604 carpentry. Construction work training starts with hands-on practical training to familiarise yourself with our countries, procedures and regulations. Any building apprenticeship requires homework and we can support you through this by giving you a mentor. We can help you understand the technical knowledge, the theory behind it, help you understand the basics of engineering and the architectural scene. We'll assist in helping you build a solid career plan, so you're in demand for senior construction jobs in the future. We'd love to retain you once you're upskilled, and offer upward promotions within Wrightway internally.


If you're interested in working for us and living in New Zealand, then we need to apply through immigration. This can take approximately 6-8 weeks, which allows you also to prepare your affairs. Once approved, we'll look to have your flights booked within a month. In regards to training, building apprenticeships can take several years to complete. You're given a maximum of 24 months to complete them, but you can fast-track this process with additional homework and submissions in your own time. Wrightway's policy is that we allow a portion of your workday to be used for assigned theory work, but we also believe you'll learn more practically. Learn practically and the theory is easier to understand. Your project manager will be there to guide you as a mentor, and if you need advice, help is only an email or phone call away.

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New Zealand Mentors

When you're welcomed into the Wrightway family, you'll be matched with a senior-mentor within our organisation. You'll have access to your foreman and senior staff that can assist with any questions you have. We're a culture of learning and wanting you to grow, so please don't be afraid of asking questions. This dedicated mentor will be your first person to ask for help and mentorship. It's a win/win outcome if you ask questions; the faster you develop your skills, the faster you become more valuable to us.


You must have an acceptable level of English, and you'll be tested on this prior to be given an employment contract. It's important that we can communicate with you clearly. Once again, if chosen, yo'll be gaining a NZ apprenticeship to ensure you understand NZ3604 in carpentry. In the form below, please give us detailed information about your past experience in the construction industry.

Register For Our Manila Seminar

We'll be holding a seminar in a central location in Manila in the coming months. We'll provide all information, examples of the work we require and it's an opportunity to meet the people you'll be working alongside. You're welcome to bring family members. We'll provide refreshments and snacks. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity,and limited positions are avilable.