Concrete Repairs

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Concrete Repair Service, Christchurch & Auckland

Concrete repairs are Wrightway's specialty. Whether you're addressing minor cracks, epoxy repairs, waterproofing, or the need to restore a commercial concrete floors, we're skilled in enhancing structural integrity and rejuvenating aesthetics.

Concrete Repairs - Ensuring Longevity & Safety

Concrete is a versatile and robust building material, but over time, or when stress-tested by natural disasters, it can develop cracks, surface imperfections and structural issues. Our concrete repair service tackles these problems, not only extending the lifespan of your concrete surfaces, but actually increasing their structural integrity in many cases. Take the Canterbury earthquakes, for example: concrete foundations, factory floors and tilt slab units all required fixing and while undertaking these repair projects, we used industry techniques to surpass their original strength, weather sealing and future proofing properties from further damage.

Concrete Floor Crack Repairs

Cracks in concrete floors not only ruin the aesthetics of your space but can also lead to further damage if left untreated. Our concrete floor crack repair services are designed to restrict the progression of cracks and prevent water penetration. We use specialist techniques to fill, seal, and reinforce cracks, ensuring your concrete floors remain smooth, safe, and visually appealing..

Repairing Commercial Concrete Floors

Commercial spaces endure heavy foot traffic and wear and tear, which can take a toll on concrete floors. We understand the importance of maintaining a professional appearance while prioritising safety and functionality first and foremost. Our team can easily work at hours most convenient and the least disturbing to your operations. From retail spaces to warehouses, our expertise in repairing and restoring commercial concrete floors is as solid as you'll find across New Zealand.

Epoxy - Concrete Slab Crack Repairs

As one of the leading Christchurch foundation repair companies, we address a range of concrete slab crack issues through the impregnation of low viscosity epoxy based injection resin called MC Injeckt 1264 Compact. We carry out concrete epoxy repair work by cutting an approximate 10mm x 10mm chase directly into the top of the crack, creating a reservoir for the epoxy to work its way down via capillary action. It may take up to three fills to ensure the cracks are filled correctly. This process can take 3-4 weeks.

Concrete Epoxy Repairs

Restoring the appearance and strength of your concrete surfaces is usually addressed with epoxy resin repairs. Epoxy resins not only bond effectively with concrete but also provide a durable and attractive finish that can easily be painted over removing any evidence of any cracking in the first place.  Whether you're dealing with cracks, spalling, or other imperfections, epoxy repair techniques are a fast, effective solution.

Foundation Repairs

Foundation damage or deterioration often result in our concrete repairs service. A common technique is to use concrete epoxy repairs using resins to regain a floor or foundation's original structural integrity. The resins we use are rated higher than required, and therefore, in theory, your foundations or concrete surfaces should be as good as new, if not better. Concrete floor crack repairs are the usual requirement for damaged foundations, but upon assessment, if we discover that foundation replacement is necessary, then we have the expertise to carry this out, as well.


Tilt Slab Concrete Repairs

Concrete tilt panels, commonly used in construction, may develop cracks, delamination, or other issues over time. Our tilt slab repair services focus on reinstating the structural integrity and aesthetic appeal of these panels. Using the correct systems, techniques, products and materials, we address the unique challenges of tilt slab surfaces, and ensure your building maintains its value and strength. Again, these repairs can occur reasonably, quickly, easily and at times outside of your normal working operations.

The Repair Process

  • 1

    Onsite Assessment & Evaluation

    We begin by thoroughly inspecting the concrete surface to identify the extent of the damage. We determine whether the damage is superficial or if it affects the structural integrity of the concrete.

  • 2

    Scope of Works

    You’ll receive a detailed quotation on the repairs, the duration of the repairs and when we can start this process. This is a good opportunity to discuss when is most convenient for your operations if in a commercial environment.

  • 3

    Safety Precautions

    We prioritise safety by preparing the work area and using appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as gloves, safety glasses, and dust  sheets for any equipment you have, and dust masks. We block off the area to prevent access during repairs and to create a dust curtain, preventing dust to spread.

  • 4

    Surface Preparation

    Our team will clean the damaged area using a wire brush, pressure washer, or other suitable tools to remove debris, dirt, loose particles, and contaminants. Properly preparing the surface ensures a strong bond between the repair material and the existing concrete.

  • 5

    Crack Repair

    For cracks, we use a concrete crack filler or an epoxy resin to fill and seal the gaps. We inject the filler into the crack, ensuring it reaches the full depth, and then level the surface using a trowel or putty knife..

  • 6

    Spall and Delamination

    We address surface spalling and delamination by chipping away the loose or damaged concrete using a chisel or specialist tools.  We then clean the area and apply a suitable repair mortar or epoxy filler to restore the surface to its original level.

  • 7

    Epoxy Repair

    If we're using epoxy for your repairs, we mix the epoxy resin and hardener and apply it to the damaged area, ensuring proper coverage and adhesion. We then use a trowel or float to level and smooth the repaired area, blending it seamlessly with the surrounding concrete. Pay attention to achieving a consistent texture and finish.

  • 8

    Curing & Drying

    We then allow the repaired concrete to cure and dry. We cover the repaired area with plastic sheeting or wet curing blankets to maintain moisture and promote proper curing.

  • 9

    Surface Finishing

    Depending on the desired aesthetics, we apply a finishing coat or sealer to the repaired area. This step can enhance the appearance, durability, and weather resistance of the repaired concrete.

  • 10

    Quality Control

    Once the repairs have fully cured, we ask you to inspect the area to ensure our repairs meet your expectations. 


Concrete Specialists In Floor Repairs

Wrigthway's extensive experience in cracked concrete is usually related to driveways, floors, or commercial tilt-slab. Our method of repair usually requires us to isolate the area with minimal disruption, or if it's a major repair, we may ask you to vacate the property as a worst-case scenario. Cement repair specialists use techniques that create dust, water, noise and use epoxy products with odours that can disrupt a work or home environment. Our concrete repair specialists always take extreme attention to detail, using dust curtains to protect your equipment, and can repair your floors with joint sealing and resurface that will leave your floors with greater strength, integrity and a better appearance than your original floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concrete can crack with temperature changes, by settling, and structural stress. Cracks can compromise the structural integrity of the surface and lead to further damage if left untreated. It's advisable to consider repairs when cracks exceed 1/8 inch in width or if they pose a safety hazard. If you'd like an assessment of your Auckland or Christchurch property, it's as simple as lifting the phone.

Timely concrete crack repair prevents water infiltration, which can lead to erosion, freeze-thaw damage, and structural issues. Repairing cracks promptly maintains the appearance and safety of your concrete surfaces and prevents more extensive and costly repairs in the future.

Epoxy repairs are highly effective for restoring damaged concrete. Epoxy resins provide a strong bond, seal cracks, and offer a durable finish that resists wear and chemical exposure. They also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the surface. In some cases, your structural integrity will increase.

Yes, we can easily repair any concrete damage outside of normal working operations.

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