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You'll get experience, quick solutions & down-to-earth advice from our leadership team who have been labelled as the preferred and most reliable delegates within the Canterbury earthquake home-repair sector. If you have a home or commercial building in Christchurch that's suffered earthquake damage or simply needs renovations, you'll have your repairs overseen by Wrightway construction's senior management team and directors that can advise you and help you through the claim process.

We set out to build a team with all the expertise required to deliver an end-to-end experience that delivers top-quality results and gives homeowners peace of mind that the damage to their homes has been identified and addressed.


We have an in-house team of 40 including five licensed building practitioners, concrete repair specialists and quantity surveyors, plus we do our own house lifting and foundation replacements, and re-levels.  Where expert input is required we work with a group of trusted architects, engineers, and surveyors that we’ve been working with for a number of years.

Wrightway is highly experienced with EQC & you should take advantage of this. Both directors, Hamish & Steve, are accessible and they'll be onsite regularly communicating with you, while overlooking your renovations or building repairs, until completion.

With that said, behind every great man, there's a greater woman, and in this case, we are lucky to have a talented team operating our back-office, led by Janet to ensure your customer experience is smooth and any repair issues that crop up are solved without hassle.
You're in safe hands.

Hamish Wright

Hamish Wright

Hamish, the director of Wrightway, is standing behind every repair and project personally. His priority? You becoming a very happy customer that will happily recommend Wrightway Construction.

Steve Cole

Steve Cole
Operations Manager

There’s no substitute for qualified experience and Steve has plenty of it. We handpicked Steve to join the team, bringing his lifetime of wisdom and intimate knowledge of the construction industry, allowing Wrightway to yet again, raise the standard of our workmanship.