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Storm Damage Specialists

Storm repairs in New Zealand are becoming frequent, and the challenge with most construction companies is that they are not set up as specialists in disaster relief or experienced in working with insurance companies. The niche processes to get your storm repairs underway correctly and without delay are critical to how long it will take before your life can get back to normal. Whether it's wind damage, a fallen tree onto your home, or flooding, We can help Wrightway Construction has been operating in disaster relief, alongside government departments and insurers for well over a decade now. We know how to get your claims through quickly, and how to correctly repair your property so future issues don't arise.

Insurance & Property Damage

When working with insurance companies, there's a format in which we can present the scope of works, which is easy for the insurers to assess and process. If we make their lives easy, there's a high chance your claim will be processed faster. It all starts with a comprehensive house inspection where we document all areas of damage in detail. Once this information is captured, our quantity surveyors will create a detailed scope of works, estimating the repair costs and an approximate timeline.

Our Storm Damage Process.

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    Quick Response

    Our team of specialists will visit you on-site to assess what repairs are required to repair your damaged property. We’ll do this almost immediately to prevent the damage from worsening and action preventative measures, if required.

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    If urgency is required and storm damage repairs are required to minimise further cost, we’ll let both you and the insurer know immediately. If we can prevent further damage occurring, you’ll be given the option to remedy this. Often we’ll recommend lifting carpets for drying if flooding has occurred, so your home can be ventilated adequately, but also so we can get a good understanding of the condition of the floors and levels.

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    Scope of Works

    You’ll then be email a detailed scope of works in the correct format for your insurer to approve and process easily. In this scope, our team will detail each repair task required, and the  associated costs.

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    When On-site

    Our New Zealand storm repair response team will require you to vacate your property dependent on the severity of construction repairs required. You’ll be given all of this information well in advance allowing you to organise alternative arrangements.

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    Quality Assurance

    We document repairs, and workmanship in writing accompanied by photos. This allows an easy sign off process, demonstrating that the job has been completed to a high standard, in detail. You’ll be requested to sign off that the job has been completed to your satisfaction, but if not, we’ll happily remedy anything without fuss.

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    Your storm damage repairs will now have been completed, and our senior staff will connect with you over the coming weeks, in case you find anything that needs rectifying. We aim to have happy customers only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wrightway is a specialist in storm damage restoration.  This means we're always working along side government departments and insurance companies in New Zealand. We're experienced in the best ways to scope the repairs required and document all the details they'll need to process your claim.

  • Never turn your appliances, lights, or fans on if your home has experienced leaks. Turn the power off at the mains.
  • Don't attempt to clean or fix anything before taking photos to present to the insurance company.
  • Don't go outside during the storm to take pictures.
  • Don't position yourself near glass windows.

After a storm, it is important to have a professional assess the damage to your property. If you have storm damage, it is important to document the damage with photos and video. It is also important to contact your insurance company as soon as possible to start the claims process.

The first thing you should do is turn off the power and keep your family safe. Stay well away from the damaged area and then call your insurance company and let them know what has happened. They will be able to guide you through the next steps, but also give you an idea of what they will cover. Then call a New Zealand storm restoration company like Wrightway Construction to urgently assess the damage and create a scope of works for the storm repairs.

Dial 111 immediately and then find a safe place to stay until the professionals arrive. Turn off the mains in your home at the power box, but do not attempt to move the power line or go anywhere near it.

Please refer to our flood restoration page for what to do if your property is flooded. 1st, turn off the power in your home immediately.

Wind damage to your home in a storm can be unnerving at best. It's best to find yourself a safe place in the middle of your home, away from glass windows and exterior walls. Stay on the lower level of your home, or better yet, the basement, unless you see water levels rising. If that's the case, please refer to our flood damage page. Your first priority should be safety, so call 111, and notify the authorities, then switch your power off at the mains board, to prevent the possibility of a short and fire. 

Our team of experts can advise you on the best construction materials and methods to use in order to weatherproof your home and make it as storm-resistant as possible. We offer a variety of services to help you protect your home from the ravages of severe weather but we need to assess your location to give you an accurate answer.

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