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Re levelling & House Lifting Christchurch & Auckland Properties

Common post-flood & post-earthquake repairs include house levelling Christchurch & Auckland homes for foundation repairs. Re levelling a house in Christchurch after the earthquakes is a common requirement because, for many, your foundations may have moved and settled, making your floor and home unstable.

If foundation levelling is deemed necessary for your flood or earthquake repairs, Wrightway Construction will undertake re levelling a house using a hydraulic jacking system. This is the technique of house lifting that Kiwi's in disaster-struck areas have become familiar with. House lifting structures off their foundations requires adjustments in extremely small increments, avoiding any further consequential damage to your property. In Christchurch, most homes that have been earthquake damaged do require some form of foundation repairs, floor and house levelling. In Auckland, it's less severe after the floods, but there's definitely a need to assess your foundations at a minimum.

Quality Control When House Levelling Christchurch-wide

Wrightway will continuously quality control the procedure by testing the opening of your doors, cupboards and windows to ensure the house is adjusted evenly and correctly as part of our service. While re-levelling a house and foundations, it's an opportune time for you to consider underfloor insulation if required.


No Obligation Quote & Inspection

For further information about foundation re levelling a house,  or house lifting Christchurch homes, and if you'd like a no-obligation quote, please contact us. Wrightway Construction will inspect your property and help you process the Canterbury EQC claim as well.

If you’ve had building earthquake repairs completed, and you’re not satisfied with the results, then Wrightway Construction can easily assist with a new professional reassessment report & help you through the process with EQC to have your home repairs managed quick & snappy.

How Re levelling a House Works

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    Connect With Us

    Usually, we like to chat on the phone with you about your house levelling or foundation repairs to get a good understanding of the issues at hand.
    We then set up a convenient time for an inspection so we can evaluate what repairs are required.

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    On-site House Levelling Inspections For Foundation Repairs

    One of Wrightway’s senior advisors will visit your home to carry out an inspection for any damage you may have experienced during the earthquakes to your foundations. We’ll document all of the areas that require repairs and prepare information that can be submitted to the insurance companies or EQC. This consultation from Wrightway is free.

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    Foundation Repair Inspections - Scope of Works

    Wrightway will then prepare the appropriate documentation and detailed cost estimates in a report. This scope of works will be detailed and prepared appropriately to be sent to EQC or an insurance company. We collate any information about your home that makes the claim process easier for both you and the recipient.

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    You’ll be provided with a timeline and milestones for the duration of your foundation repair project. You’ll be given information on what to expect and how and when accessing your home is appropriate and safe. From the moment Wrightway enters your home to commence repairs until the time of completion, it can vary, depending on the severity of your foundation repairs required. For example, we may need to lift your home. It’s best to prepare your family and living arrangements as best as possible to suit, but we talk about this with you in detail before the process begins.

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    While Onsite

    House levelling Christchurch-wide, as well as foundation repairs, can take place without you having to move out of your home. When Wrightway is in your environment, we’ll best endeavour to make it stress-free, with minimal disruption to your usual routine. We want to ensure your experience with our team of contractors is one that you’re delighted with.

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    Works Complete

    Now all projects have been completed, Wrightway will carry out a quality control procedure of workmanship. We provide a checklist that we systematically inspect all workmanship at each different stage before asking you to review our work also. It’s important you’re happy with the end result. Wrightway – house levelling Christchurch-wide for over a decade.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the levels are beyond the ministry of business, innovation, and employment (MBIE) guidelines, then the house may require lifting. Note that prior to the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence (CES) many homes were out of level due to natural settlement over the years. They may also have been out of level due to ‘As Construction’ or As built. Often, houses may have become more out of level due to the CES. Working out if the house is out of level from before the CES or whether the house has been exacerbated by the CES is generally for an engineer to advise. Engineers carry out forensic examinations of the house and gather lots of evidence which highlights any differences.

Similar to how to you know if a house requires repiling. We use a zip level to take the levels of the floor; we set the datum level to zero, and then we check each room, usually one in the middle of the room and one in each corner of the room. If there are levels higher or lower than the MBIE guidelines. If the levels were outside of tolerance, then we would carry out a sub floor inspection to understand exactly what is happening and what the next action is. Jacking and packing the piles may be the option, or re piling may be required.

In most cases, yes, there is consequential damage, but Wrightway takes every measure to minimise this and it's essential to have your home levelled. It can result in cracking to internal linings and flooring replacement is required and possibly cladding damage can occur. This can all be rectified as part of the earthquake repair process.

By disconnecting from all services and foundations, removing the existing foundation type and installing a new foundation type. In most cases, you'll have timber driven piles, which will allow for a house to be raised to a higher platform. You have to be careful how high you raise a house due to the recession planes and potential high wind zones.

We receive calls all the time requesting a ballpark figure for this, and we always advise we need to visit the site and assess before we can give them a quote. It would be irresponsible and inaccurate to do so.

This Depends what foundation type your home or office building is, but if it is a concrete ring foundation with piles, which is the most common in New Zealand, we'd start by disconnecting from all services, pathways, driveways and the existing foundation. It gets fairly technical, so it's best to call us for a more detailed description.

Normally the houses we re-level are old, so there may be some consequences to other areas of the house. However, this is completely normal and all resulting damage is corrected as part of the process.

To level a house means lifting it so that the floor levels are within MBIE guidelines. This is performance based taking into account the effect on the windows, doors and joinery, etc.

Typically a full house re-level takes four weeks, weather dependant.

Yes, as in most cases, the floor areas have been removed to allow the piling or levelling works to go ahead. Usually the services of water and electric have been disconnected as well. The house can be a Health & Safety hazard due to open flooring.

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