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Transform Your House Into A Home

Wrightway has one of the most experienced teams of senior-level Landscapers, Christchurch has on offer. Designed landscaping can transform your home into a sanctuary giving you a more livable space, the opportunity to entertain friends and the enjoyment of spending time outdoors with your family.

Landscaping projects are the "icing on the cake" for many people, the finishing touch of renovations transforming the house into a home. It should be an emotional journey that all starts with a discovery process over a coffee or a telephone conversation. You'll have your ideas, and assuming you're open to professional suggestions of experience, we'll contribute and create a plan that brings your home to life.

Christchurch Landscapers need to be aware of soil conditions, and we often measure the stability of your land prior to constructing any heavy fixtures, such as Patios, Driveways, BBQ areas, Pizza Ovens, Outdoor Kitchens and more. If additional stability is required, such as TC2 or TC3 land, we'll excavate and pack the land in layers, including compacted AP40, which is a base layer of gravel to ensure it has enough bearing to hold the weight, avoiding otherwise inevitable sinking.

Indoor Outdoor


Common requests for Christchurch Landscapers


Patios are a cost-effective way to create an indoor-outdoor flow in comparison to timber decking. Patios can be designed with exposed aggregate, coloured concrete, or standard concrete, allowing you to add finishing touches with furniture and large outdoor plants. A patio project usually only requires two days to complete, of which one day is preparation and the second day is for pouring.

Landscaping Design

The best results always start with a good design. Our Landscape designers will start by visiting your property, measuring and discussing your best options and giving their professional recommendations. The approximate cost for this service is $500-$700. It's money well spent.


Lawns are a standard request for our Wrightway Landscapers, which can be provided as ready-lawn or hydro-seed. Ready-lawn is convenient and ready to use immediately, whereas hydroseed is a more cost-effective option but can take up to 6 months to mature.


Driveways come in many options, such as plain concrete, exposed aggregate, and asphalt. We usually look to complement the home with a spectacular finish on your driveway when completing your building repairs. Our Christchurch Landscapers can easily visit you onsite, show you the options and give you their professional recommendation. Driveway projects can take 2-5 working days to complete depending on your desired potions and the size of the driveway itself.


This is one of the most essential factors in a landscaping design. If done correctly, it will lower your water consumption and save you a significant amount of time while also keeping your outdoor environment healthy and lush.


Decking is the preferred Kiwi feature to promote indoor/outdoor flow.
Most Kiwis choose Kwila decking, which is hardwood and has serious durability, looking sharp for years. A decking project usually takes up to two weeks to complete depending on the size, and approximate costs start from $350 per square meter. This includes your subfloor, meaning piles and bearers & joists.

Pools & Hot Tubs

Christchurch is cold, let's face it 🙂 So we tend to get asked for spas, or hot tubs, more often than unheated pools. The installation is relatively easy, which includes plumbing and electrical services, which Wrightway manages, ensuring your project completion occurs on time and safety compliance is satisfied correctly. In the case of installing a pool, Christchurch is only permitted to install fibreglass pools because of earthquakes. This is a requirement for insurance companies.
Pools can take 12 weeks which includes, consent, excavation, installation, plumbing, and compliance, safety fencing.

Paths & Pavers

Compliment your outdoor area by including paths around your home using pavers and decorative stones. There are many varieties to choose from, and our Christchurch landscaping team will visit you onsite and give our professional opinion about which options suit your home best.

Landscaping Process

  • 1

    Ask For A Design Consultation

    Landscaping your home is an exciting adventure. It all starts with a cuppa and a design consultation.  Connect with us to arrange a viewing.

  • 2

    On-site Design Assessment

    Wrightway’s landscape designers will visit you on-site, take measurements and make verbal suggestions of what might integrate into your properties environment. You’ll be shown samples and be given suggestions to choose from.

  • 3

    Landscaping Scope of Works

    Our team then prepares a scope of works to landscape your home. This could include decking, paving, driveways planting vegetation and more however will be in line with what you’ve discussed onsite as your preference of materials. You’ll be given a quote and asked to make a deposit prior to commencement.

  • 4


    Once you’re happy to proceed, we’ll create a timeline for your job, which is always weather dependant. You might be asked to park your vehicles on the road and refrain from using your outdoor area over the course of the project for safety reasons.

  • 5

    While Onsite

    While Wrightway landscapers are onsite, we’ll remain professional, well mannered and aware that this is your family home. We’ll do our best to keep disruption to a minimum, and it’s best if you can ensure your pets and children are out of harm’s way.

  • 6


    Finally, your masterpiece will have been created. We walk you through the work, ensure you’re entirely happy with the results and make any minor corrections if necessary. You’ll be asked to sign off a completion form, and hopefully, we leave you smiling ear to ear.