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"My home is my sanctuary"

This term couldn't be more central to our build ethic and values. We create design-spec homes, not houses; we build for comfort, for aesthetics, convenience, and so you'll be smiling with a subtle appreciation for decades. We create open spaces for calm, relaxed living, polished with style and personality.
You'll get to choose from various architectural designs and then be encouraged to modify them to add your personal touch. You'll be guided by our project managers, given advice and comparables to suit your affordability. Wrightway was approached by one of Christchurch's award-winning architectural design firms, known for blending our Canterbury environment with some of the most stunning  new build structures that just seem to fit perfectly into our landscapes.

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Types Of Homes

Wrightway are one of the few bespoke builders, Christchurch-wide who will customise your visions. We can not only build single storey homes, detached homes, both double or three-storey homes, and duplex's, but we have the skill-set to construct some of the more prestigious projects, such as architectural style homes, as well as your dream holiday bach.

Bespoke Custom Designs

We're always factoring in the surrounding environment, so your home feels like it's meant to be. Communicate the style you want, and our design specialist will consult with you, presenting a variety of options and visions that will give you the feeling of "your home is your sanctuary". You can choose from cladding styles that incorporate the natural surroundings, a roof style to match, and of course, your landscaping is the icing on the cake. We design homes, not houses.

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    What Makes Us Different

No smoke and mirrors. Wrightway's been founded on old fashioned Kiwi values, including being down to earth and a straight shooter. When working with us on new builds, you won't get slick-looking salespeople pressuring you into features that you don't want; you'll get trade specialists with foresight and experience in construction who will advise you of your best options. Wrightway are known as builders Christchurch-wide who are down to earth and strait shooters.
We have a no defects guarantee, and you'll get clear communication every step of the way.

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    Our Experience

Our collective experience rivals any large building company, but it's the heart and soul of Wrightway which will give you an experience that's second to none. We employ some of the most talented project managers in the industry, you'll work with award-winning designers., and when it comes to structural integrity, you have the best engineers in Canterbury working closely on your project.

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    What You Can Expect/Timeline

It's no secret, the construction industry as a whole is experiencing delays in material, and therefore completion dates can vary. We try and communicate a best and worst-case scenario, so you're 100% aware of the potential timeframe to complete your home. We have dedicated new build office staff to triple check consignments of materials, as well as delivery expectations. This motivates suppliers, so you'll never get the best service possible.

We will prepare a timeline/program of your new builds and work with you closely on a weekly basis to ensure you know what is happening 100% of the time. You can expect a collaborative approach as we understand that our customer's needs may change throughout the build process.

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