Seismic Strengthening

Seismic strengthening is the process of making buildings and other structures more resistant to earthquakes, which can help to reduce the risk of damage and ensure the safety of occupants. In New Zealand, seismic strengthening has become increasingly important in recent years due to the country’s high seismic activity.

In this category of articles, we will explore the various aspects of seismic strengthening, including the methods used, the benefits of strengthening, and the costs involved. We will cover topics such as seismic assessments, retrofitting, and strengthening techniques for different types of buildings.

Our goal is to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of seismic strengthening and its importance in ensuring the safety of buildings and their occupants. Whether you are a building owner, property manager, or construction professional, this category of articles will offer valuable insights and practical tips to help you improve the seismic performance of your buildings.

By staying informed about seismic strengthening, we can all play a role in making our communities safer and more resilient in the face of earthquakes and other natural disasters.

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Seismic Assessment Process In New Zealand: What You Need To Know

Earthquakes are a natural hazard in New Zealand and with the increasing intensity of seismic activity, it is important to make sure your property is safe and secure. This article will discuss the seismic assessment process in New Zealand, its importance, and what you need to know about it.   What is the Seismic Assessment…
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