Peace of mind, is a piece of cake
when constructed the Wrightway.

Cantabrians deserve solid, sound advice on how to repair their properties.
Insurers deserve trusted, reliable contractors that achieve win/win results.
Wrightway means your repairs are done the right way.
It makes perfect sense to help you, the customer, achieve results you’re absolutely delighted with. Doing so, results in less paperwork, less phone calls, less site-visits, less rerepairs.…the list goes on.

Life isn’t meant to be a battle.

Hamish Wright
CEO - Wrightway Construction


Projects run smoothly when an EQ repair is scoped with the end-goal as a delighted customer. Not exactly rocket- science is it? What seems to have occurred within the Christchurch rebuild, is that contractors are only focusing on individual elements of a repair, rather than managing an end-to-end solution, that’s frustration free. EQ repair jobs should be completed correctly, accurately and on-time. As a result, Wrightway Construction has committed to a Zero Defect Guarantee.


Wrightway is a preferred, trusted construction partner within the EQ repair sector because Wrightway doesn’t accept mediocrity and doesn’t under-quote simply to win the job. An understanding that repairing a job correctly in the first instance is far more intelligent than having to rerepair, time and time again. A “Zero defects” Guarantee shows that we value our good name, our integrity and that we’re committed to excellence.


Every step of the process is documented and reported to you, the customer. Clear direction and communication promotes healthy relationships between all of the parties involved in your project. As well as keeping everyone in the loop, it also allows us to anticipate challenges, and easily adapt, when jobs uncover their true colours (unavoidable). Communication is what keeps everybody bonded, positive and focused.

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